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Become an Emma Wanderer Partner* and create an impact in your community

Do you want to take advantage of the megatrends: remote work, coworking and coliving? Are you looking for new ideas beyond classic tourism offers and want to stand out in front of an attractive target group? Find out more about Emma Wanderer and send us a non-binding inquiry. We would be happy to get back to you and discuss about Emma's mission and vision in more detail.
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Why become a partner*?

Emma Wanderer combines mobile working and flexible living in an Europe-wide platform for nature enthusiasts. Create an alternative to resource- and investment-intensive tourism. Address the large new target group of mobile professionals and profit on all levels!
  1. Forward-looking, unique positioning Offer a comprehensive and sustainable range of services in your region for the megatrends of remote working, coworking, coliving and camping. In addition, promote the digitalisation of your community.
  2. Benefit from an attractive target group We bring highly-qualified professionals who can stay longer than regular tourists, as a new guest segment in your region.
  3. Set new economic and creative standards Community residents benefit beyond tourism value creation. Local businesses gain access to the campus coworking space and network with international talent. Leading companies in the region can also use our offer as a valuable incentive for new employees.

Emma Wanderer Campuses

We combine digitalisation and regional development with remote work and flexible living in nature. At Emma Wanderer Campuses we offer local professionals and international communities access to a new and exciting lifestyle that combines working and living with nature experiences! We create a productive place to meet in nature for professionals who want a better work-life balance. Our community emphasizes eco-friendly and high-quality architecture, as well as sophisticated but affordable design. Emma Wanderer designs attractive work and living spaces that promote healthy productivity, inspiration and exchange, while focusing on resource conservation and blending into your local environment.


The Club Office houses the coworking space, lounge and communal kitchen. The perfect location for remote work, inspiration and networking - for guests and locals alike.

housing options

On campus, you will live in high-quality Tiny Houses or Apartment Studios. Alternatively, we can also redesign existing housing in your community.

Camper van parking

The easy option for living and working on campus for guests traveling with vans or RVs who want to use the campus infrastructure.

What does Emma Wanderer bring to the table?

Emma Wanderer brings the digital future of work to your community. Become a part of it now!
  1. A strong brand & marketing  With our professional appearance and holistic brand concept, we address an international audience and position your community among the most innovative "Digital Villages" in Europe. We take over a Europe-wide marketing of your community in our fast growing network.
  2. An innovative and sustainable operating concept  for an international target group that brings an urban lifestyle to your region. The combination of digital work and travel creates new opportunities as an alternative to traditional tourism as well as new cooperation opportunities with local businesses.
  3. An exciting community  who are realigning their work-life balance thanks to digitisation. They are remote workers with and without families, employees in a wide range of industries such as tax consultants, authors, and software developers, as well as freelancers and entrepreneurs who are leading increasingly flexible and mobile (work) lives.

Is Emma Wanderer interesting to you or your community?

Our team looks forward to hearing from you!

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